If you are aiming to go for higher education or applying for a job, the concerned institution will require you to provide a provisional certificate to prove that you have completed a certain degree. If you passed with a diploma pass, you can go to any college to get a diploma certificate or to a university which offers diplomas. A variety of different degree programs can help increase your chances of finding a high-paying job. While some jobs require a college degree, others may call for a high school diploma and specialized certificate. In fact, it’s been reported that individuals with bachelor’s degrees have 57 percent more job opportunities and earn 56 percent more than those with only a high school diploma. It is like a short-term solution to an otherwise long-term problem. In this case, you need to contact the administration department of your university and fill out an application for getting a provisional document. Degree: An award conferred by a college, university, or some other educational institution as official recognition for the successful completion of an academic or vocational program. Generally, you can expect to complete about 180 credits for a bachelor’s degree, and you’ll need a time investment of about four years as a full-time student.A master’s degree is typically completed after earning a bachelor’s and can take up to two years to earn. The requirements for a degree can vary greatly depending on the major you choose. If you are an engineering (3yr )diploma holder under Lateral Entry Scheme you can join 2 nd year of B.Tech in same branch .For other branches it is entrance based . Associate degree programs differ in the sense that anyone with a high school diploma, or who has passed the General Education Development (GED) test, may begin an AA program. Higher education is more valued in the workplace today than ever before. A certificate of completion can be a stepping stone to further training – while giving you something tangible in the meantime to list on your resume or show your expertise. However, many of these programs are costly, and can take years to complete. Some universities, like Cape Peninsula University of Technology , offer diploma courses with an optional year to get a degree if you did well academically with your diploma certificate. Of course there are hundreds more, but these high paying business jobs are great for entry level, multiple years of experience, or MBA graduates alike. There are countless career options you can pursue depending on your financial needs, values, interests, skills, education and training. A master's degree can be helpful in advancing your career, but it can take a long time to acquire. A certificate program is an alternative to a degree program . College Degrees: Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's, Professional, Doctorate, and More . Length of time towards completion : While there are exceptions, in most cases it takes students one year (two semesters) to complete a certificate program. That's why the apparent choice is to acquire a Postgraduate Diploma or … The certificate may even count toward a degree you … FNU details 8 jobs you can get with a business administration degree.