They will be kept very close to one another, but on chains that are never long enough for the dogs to reach each other. encouraged defensiveness and kicked fight drive into gear, resulting in dog-directed aggression. If you have a champion fighting dog that survives many fights, people will pay big money for the privilege of breeding their female dog with him. the Pit Bull breed is and how very quickly they bounce back from bad beginnings. demanded dog-directed aggression. The graphic doesn’t show a “bait dog”, which the NSPCA says is mostly a myth. Many dogs have Dog fighters use bait dogs to let their game dogs practice mutilating another dog, without being harmed in the process. The cruel owners tossed the helpless dog … The title is based on supposition and frenzy. Animal-baiting is a blood sport where an animal is worried or tormented against another animal, for the purpose of entertainment or gambling. The majority of 'bait' dogs in the media (social and news) are not, in fact, verified 'bait' dogs. According to their investigation, in just six months thousands of dogs will go missing just in Pima County, Arizona alone, and they suspect that at least half of those were stolen. After the exercise is complete, the dogs will be given the lure to kill. defects,  etc. A fighting dog is never shown love and affection. (3) “Bait dog” – this is just one of those things that won’t go away. The fighting dog receives no injury as the bait animal will have previously had its mouth taped closed, its teeth filed down and its nails removed so that it cannot defend itself. dogs were encouraged to run by use of a small animal in a cage held in front of the dog. In countries where it is still legal (such as Russia, Japan, Honduras and some others, according to AnimalLaw), it is considered a sport like any other. appears keeps a popular, myth alive and may actually be encouraging copycat crimes by offering animal abusers ideas we would rather they didn't have. Messages on Facebook and Twitter have been warning of stickers being used to mark houses where there are dogs that are then stolen for use as bait animals in dog fighting. Instead of reward based dog training methods (positive reinforcement), fighting dogs are often abused when they do not perform as expected. There are many, mistaken beliefs about fighting dogs, and the supposed use of bait dogs to ‘train’ fighting dogs. the pit, BUT also be extremely deferential towards humans, and safe to handle EVEN under duress. Fighting dogs have been bred over centuries with the most vicious dogs commanding the highest prices for their offspring. Fighting dogs were not These dogs can not defend themselves and are terribly injured or killed. We know that dog fighting is illegal, but some people still believe that it shouldn’t be. fighting a weaker opponent that does not fight back, and fighting a wellmatching opponent in the pit. What's in a name? Dog fighting is a type of blood sport that turns game dogs against one another in a ring or a pit for the purposes of gambling or the entertainment of the spectators. They must always look at the trainer as the boss and never as a friend or equal. dogs, were encouraged to run by use of a small animal in a cage held in front of the dog. Dog fighters/dog men are known to use cats and rabbits as bait animals too. Any sign of meekness or mercy is negative in a fight dog. has been fought in organized fight conventions or used in informal street fights; any dog that has been purposefully conditioned to fight and then allowed "Bait" animals are animals used to test a dog's fighting instinct; they are often mauled or killed in the process. Additionally, promoting the idea of bait dogs may give those who seek to abuse dogs more ideas. Many individuals who own Pit Bulls, as well as owners of other breeds, use treadmills and spring poles as means of exercising their dogs. Dog fighting is a criminal act that appeals to people in criminal organizations and gangs. an, unhappy mystery with an unknown perpetrator. There is a lot of money in dog fighting. They should be labeled as animal cruelty cases, nothing Often "bait" animals are stolen pets, puppies, kittens, rabbits, small dogs and even stock (pit bulls acquired by the dogfighting ring which appear to be passive or less dominant). These are humane The objective is to use a dog that does not fight Aren’t fighting dogs vicious towards people; once they get a taste for blood, aren’t they completely untrustworthy around other dogs and people? Because fight dogs are injured very often, they will also be given antibiotics to speed up the healing. National Geographic News ran an article by Maryann Mott in 2004 talking about the rise of stolen pets and their fates. The dog used as bait in the training exercises for dog fighting is not the only animal injured in these blood fights. A bait dog is a dog that dog fighters make their fighting dogs practice on. This article attempts to address some common concerns and misconceptions about fighting dogs, and the ‘bait The mouth of bait dogs are usually tapped shut so they cannot bite the more valuable fighting dog. A full dog is a content dog. The bait dog is made helpless by having it’s jaw taped shut and it may also be tied down. Fighting is defensive behavior, conditioned in the dog through environmental processes. Dog fighters often look for statistically “scary” dogs as those breeds are often stronger and may be genetically predisposed to aggression. Treadmills and spring poles are NOT ‘dog fighting equipment’. Veterinarians would likely report the owner to the authorities. the purest sense of the word. Which breeds are used in these fights? institution. Starvation is a common practice as a hungry dog is a desperate dog. assume! amusement. fighting a weaker opponent that does not fight back, and fighting a wellmatching, opponent in the pit. Dogs are trained for fighting from the very early age. processes. 'Bait dogs' are used to help train pit bulls to fight. Dog Who Was Used As Bait Dog For Dog fighting, Found Dumped In Container At Shelter A poor emaciated female dog was dumped outside a shelter in a container with many open wounds all over her body. The bottom line is, each dog should be evaluated on his or her own merits – labels mean nothing, and a label does not determine behavior! and horrible, but that does not mean that there weren’t some 'rules' for the sickening battles. Let's look at some common questions & incorrect assumptions about fighting & so-called bait dogs: Will allowing a Pit Bull to kill/maim a weaker ‘bait dog’ make him a good fighting dog? non-aggressive dog unlikely to fight back. Simply being a smaller or weaker dog in the ring does not make the bait dog legend true, it just means that not only are the dog fighters criminal animal abusers, but they also have no idea what Term came from “baiting dogs”. true value stifled and ignored. Every time you use the ‘bait dog’ label, you demonize the ‘fighting dog’ reason why ex-fighting Pit Bulls can and DO make wonderful pets and YES can even get along with other dogs when supervised properly – change the circumstances and you change the behavior of There is a big difference between It's ironic that the true method for conditioning a fighting dog actually involved putting him up against a more experienced dog, not a weaker or These steroids can also increase aggression in the dog. The term First, they were exercised, running and walking mostly, Pit Bulls were bred to excel in The dogs are exploited, their innate talents misused to the highest degree imaginable, their Albany Times Union item headlined “Pit Bull is More Victim That Criminal,”  linked the concept of “bait dog” to the centuries-old use of “baiting dogs” to torment tethered animals as a cruel Inside the illegal world of organised dog fighting Sometimes a dog just stops fighting and can’t go anymore due to injuries, and unless this dog can command champion breeding fees, it will also be killed. Criminal dog fighting syndicates with prize pools of more than $700,000 are continuing undeterred in Australia despite a police crackdown, an expert has warned. fighting dog, and to help the fighting dog 'learn' how to fight, 'get a taste for blood' and so on. accurate. Anyone who has ever owned a dog knows how difficult some dogs can be to train. (following are excerpts): fighting dog magazines and books that talked about 'cat mills' and treadmills, on which some The 'bait dog' started as a myth created by Animal Rights groups which led to people believing that this was a method used. But I  knew/worked with/heard about a rescue that saved a bait dog!". ___________________________________________, The Animal Farm Foundation has noted “many possible explanations why a shelter dog might present with injuries:  getting hit by a car, mange,  having a scuffle with another animal, birth Many individuals who own Pit Bulls, as well as owners of other breeds, use treadmills and spring poles as means of exercising their dogs. Many of the dogs who do not fight or who lose fights are used as “bait… Dog trainers also use canine treadmills or other apparatus to walk the dogs and build their cardiovascular health. & training, ‘rolling’ (practice matches….see below for more on rolling), etc. either. Bait animals are used to test the fighting ability of any fighter dog. USA, 1868. A bait dog can be kept alive for several training sessions, but when his usefulness is over, he will be given to a fight dog for a kill, or will be drowned or strangled by the owners. This gave wannabe dogmen the idea that this was how you went about the practice but this couldn't be You wouldn't stick a human fighter already high in the ranks with a 6 year old kid. The dog fighting breeds listed below are, or have been in their past, used for fighting other dogs. The term ‘bait dog’ in our opinion should never be used. the Pit Bull breed is and how very quickly they bounce back from bad beginnings. A dog when repeatedly placed into certain situations and encouraged to fight through However, through education and awareness, activists around the world are hoping to ban this cruel “sport” every country. pit dog. Percy was used as a fighting dog in Glasgow, where he sustained 42 separate bite wounds, which turned out to be fatal Credit: The League Against … And these labels often determine the fates of the dogs that wear them. Given a whole other set of circumstances, you might never see dog-directed aggression in a particular dog. While all dog breeds are targeted for resale and breeding, pit bulls in particular are often stolen to … For the sake of this article, a fighting dog is one that has been used in the illegal ‘sport’ of dog fighting and "A Dog Fight at Kit Burn’s" by Edward Winslow Martin. A bait dog experiences broken bones, severe lacerations and other injuries until his short life mercifully comes to an end. pit dog. ASPCA and other sources report that anywhere from $20,000 – $30,000 can be made from a single dog fight.