If a small car is being driven about 14,000 km a year, your total fuel bill will be about $2,400, and it could be more if the price of fuel goes up. The cost of running a car in New Zealand can be as expensive as a dollar for every kilometre driven, largely driven by the most invisible cost of the lot, the falling value of the car itself. There are so many factors that influence running costs, that it would be irresponsible for any spa company to quote exact costs. If the appliance is turned on 10 hours per day: 10 x 104 cents = 1040 cents a day (To get the amount in dollars, divide it by 100, eg 1040/100 = $10.40) LPG appliances. Please fill out the form below and we will be in contact shortly to dicuss your needs. At off peak time the cost of electricity per kilowatt hour was approx. Running costs are calculated using 26c per kWh. Sundays. Power deals. Our team of AA experts can give you advice on running costs like fuel, depreciation & tyres and how to reduce these car ownership costs. Household 24 hour use - 32 cents kW/h. Designed for the kiwi lifestyle . The tables below are a guide to the cost of running the pumps, heaters and chlorination equipment for a swimming pool or spa at your home. She’s the ambassador for the Polynesian Spa, running their Mindful Moments Retreats & the face of the iconic NZ destination for videos and marketing material. Complete our purchase details so we can keep track of your spa and assist you if necessary. No extra fees payable (except for Australian GST) by you at your end (except for cartage from depot to your location) Tub comes with a 5 year warranty on the internal black or stainless steel 'shell' and a 2 year warranty on the Spanet (Australian based company with service agents all over NZ and Australia) pump unit. We're Now open on. Products. Energy Rating labels This tool is intended to provide general information and guidance. The cost of running a spa pool is a direct reflection of the rate of consumption and the electricity cost. And it was on the very last week that we got our amazing Vortex spa delivered. $6,800. The Plug in Spa Pool The In Deck Spa Pool Optional extras Finance Colour choices Spa pool specifications Important Information Heating costs Ozone & spa pools Water maintenance Warranty & Services Fencing regulations FAQ's Tyres will cost about $266 each year if they last three years and repairs and maintenance will be about $550. Discover more. Power Compare make it easy to switch to get the best savings on your power bill. Some technology products (TVs, Blu-ray players and home theatre systems) cost much less than a dollar each year on standby, no matter the model. In Rotorua, a city built on top of an active volcanic zone, nearly every accommodation establishment offers private, exchange-heated spa pools.You’ll also find a selection of hot pool complexes, including Hells Gate and the Polynesian Spa.. Near Reporoa is a hot spring called Butcher’s Pool. One hour for pack up and one for setup is a good guide. Good hydrotherapy / massage is important to me but I don’t need top of the range. One unit of electricity equals one kilowatt hour (kWh). Manufactured in Australia. We offer Quality Spa Pools from $5,995, NZ Wide Delivery and a 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee. Customers often ask about spa pool running costs. This calculation doesn't take into account standby power and assumes the heat pump will not run at full capacity all the time (0.66). The circulation pump draws 0.35 kW. Name* Email* City* Message* Submit. Spa running costs vary based on each spa owner’s unique set of variables including local climate, frequency and nature of use, electricity rates charged by your provider, and level of spa pool insulation. Hot tubbing inside can be a whole new experience. Quick view Auckland Closing on Tuesday, 8 Dec. Cedar Hot Tub 1.8M Wood Fired incl. If you find your inflatable spa struggles when the temperature drops into the 30’s then think about moving inside. Buy Now. Our prices are affordable, plus the running costs are low when you own an Eco Spa. One of the first things that we decided for our house on 'The Block NZ' is that we were going to get Spa pool. Australia. Alpine Spas are New Zealand's Largest Spa Pool retailer. NZ’s Largest Spa Pool Retailer. She’s also the ambassador for the Rotorua Marathon event, inspiring Kiwis to get fit and take on a challenge at the event (in any distance they choose). Cheap Spa Pools NZ Wide. After 12 weeks of hard slog all we wanted to do was to get in that spa and relax! Share. No address specified Change address. Contact us Today! Find a comparable spa, we'll beat it. Current Power Deals. $6,850. Shipping Costs; Operating Manuals; Best Price Guarantee; Luxury spas. Rotorua. We can talk to you about factors that affect running cost and give you tips for keeping them down. Sundays. This cost can be offset by installing solar panels, which can also add value to the house. No Reserve. But we worked our butts off till the very last minute and never got the pleasure of it! If you know you’re not likely to use the hot tub any time soon, pack it away. Buy Now. We’ve been New Zealand and Australia’s #1 choice to buy swim spas and pools since 1985, having built a reputation for being the largest spa and swim spa supplier in the Southern Hemisphere. All prices include GST. Fuel, tyres, repairs and maintenance – spending on these all add up. If you are installing a pool and a spa, the cost of the spa may be around $14,000, but if you are installing a concrete spa only, the cost could be much higher because installing a spa with a pool will require less excavation work. The cost of running the mPulse ‘Believe’ during off peak time was 17 cents x 2.4 = … To get started, select an appliance below. See the difference. Swimming pool and spa running costs. Neil McDonald. Hyundai Getz; Hyundai News; Hyundai Hatchback Range; Hatchback; Hyundai; A Hyundai Getz costs $118.44 a week to run, just $3.79 more than last year. 09 420 7515 info@trueformspas.nz. The figures do not take into account things like lighting, cleaning equipment, or bubble and water features. Warranty registration . 17 cents per KWh. District. Broadband; Power; Money; Mobile; Travel; Study; Price; Opinion ; Our Services. Flexible running costs reflect all the consumables. Contact us if you need assistance; we're here to help. Best Price guarantee. The cost of running the mPulse ‘Believe’ during peak time was 34 cents x 2.4 = 81.6 cents per hour. Most portable hot tubs can be packed away with minimal effort. It also assumes the heat pump is used for the same amount of time each day over 180 days. Annual running cost (heating) = heat input (kWh) x electricity cost ($/kWh) x running hours per day x 180 (days) x 0.66. Learn More. Come vist us. Herald Sun. 22 Jun 2010 • 3 min read. Costs Lifetime costs = running costs + purchase and installation costs, over ten years (we have assumed a life span of ten years for the calculations in this tool, although many systems may last much longer). Read more. A typical 1500 litre spa filtration cycle runs for 8 hours without heating, to keep the water clean. I want to keep running costs down through extra features like better insulation. If you add up all of the elements of hot tub running costs for an average sized (good quality) hot tub, used 3 or 4 times per week for around 30-45 minutes per session, including servicing and maintenance, the annual cost will be in the region of £750 – £950 which is significantly less than a daily cup of latte or cappuccino from your local Costa or Starbucks! Estimated usage-- kWh / -- days. Car running costs annual figures. Our Spas Our Accessories. Running costs are typically between $800.00 & $1200.00 per year at 2018/19 prices. New Zealand only; Region. Running costs are typically between $660 and $1000 a year. However, investing more upfront can dramatically reduce the lifetime cost of spa ownership, reducing running costs to as little as 30-40 cents per day in warmer climates. Facebook: InspiredHealthNZ. Whether you will be entertaining friends or extended family, or just hanging out with the ones that live under the same roof as you, spa pools are a fantastic way to spend quality time together. If you want to buy hot tubs or spas, we’ll find one to suit your needs – be that finding a swim spa to fit your space and family, or installing a new hot tub to relax in. Find out how the Energy Rating Label affects the yearly running cost of household appliances. A dedicated pump continuously circulates spa pool water 24 hours a day and uses less energy than a 40-watt light bulb. The kW hour cost of electricity varies considerably depending on the supplier and the geographic area as well as the type of supply plan. Your local store can help. User manuals. Best Price guarantee. Start price. Standard controlled - 21 cents kW/h Running costs of $4-5 per day are not unknown in cooler climates. We have also allowed for the cost of interest, should you take out a loan to pay for it, or the missed interest earnings if you had left the money in the bank instead. Multiply the hourly running cost by the number of hours per day you run the appliance to get a daily running cost. Concrete spa costs will depend on the amount of excavation needed and the difficulty or ease of accessing the site. Website: www.inspiredhealth.co.nz. We remove the New Zealand GST (15%) from your quoted price. A typical backyard swimming pool using a 1100 watt pool pump can add up to 17% to an electricity bill. Step Action LPG cylinder example; 1. And with our spa dealers throughout New Zealand and the world, you can view your new spa before you buy or customise and build your own spa. A games console will cost you a couple of dollars, regardless of whether you choose an Xbox or PlayStation. Compare home heating running costs and heating options for Kiwi homes.